Are you tired of waiting for weeks or even months for your customised patches and military badges to be delivered from overseas?

Do you hate feeling like you’re at the mercy of an impersonal and inflexible supply chain and manufacturers that just can’t seem to get it right?

Order your retail and wholesale customised military patches and badges from an Australian manufacturer and get them quickly, without any headaches.

Custom made defence Velcro patch and badges are one of our specialties. We offer fast production on all defence patches, amazing customer service, and a quality product. Plus, our patches and badges are locally made in Australia. So when you order from us, you’re supporting Australian business! Need help with artwork and design? No problem! Just give us a call.

We can help you design and then manufacturer custom sew-on and Velcro patches and badges for army, navy, air force, cadets, defence force and government departments. From printed to embroidered, we have the ability to create any type of design our customers desire.

We work closely with each customer to help ensure that their vision is achieved through our patches. Different materials and backings allow us to create the perfect outcome for your unit or squadron’s badge design. With access to 50 colours of polyester twill, ripstop polyester and AUSCAM backings, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your badges and patches with us.

We have very experienced and knowledgeable staff and top of the range equipment from the USA and Japan to make sure that we make only the best product. We can create custom items to suit your needs and ideas, or you can choose from our many existing models and designs. Please contact us on (03) 5002 0442 or (02) 9011 7057 anytime for more information about our products or with any queries or questions. Alternately email us on